The UNESCO MAB-Programme was created in 1971 with the vision to promote a sustainable connection between people and nature. Biosphere Reserves were found as living laboratories that boost nature-based solutions for sustainable development. They are places that provide local solutions to global challenges. In this respect, one of the key questions is, how to reach the people living or lingering in the Biosphere Reserves, in particular young stakeholders. Their specific role is also recognised in different Biosphere Reserve framework documents, including the Lima Action Plan (2015–2025), which explicitly refers to consideration of young people in equitable and participatory planning for sustainable development in biosphere reserves.

Furthermore, broadening inclusion and participation is a key transformational pathway to accomplishing the United Nations 2030 Agenda (Sustainable Development Goals), which also regards Youth as a group of special focus.
Against this background, the EuroMAB 2022 specifically invites young people to not only participate the meeting, but also to elaborate with fellow peers and all other participants how to get young people involved sustainably. In 2021 UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Programme celebrated its 50th anniversary. What about the next 50 years? What hast to change? What could be a vision for the next 50 years? Which role can/should young people play? How could this be achieved?

Young people are invited to:

  • Participate at the EuroMAB 2022 Youth Preparation Meeting (12 September 2022)
  • Participate at the EuroMAB 2022
  • Discuss with and interview other participants from Europe and North America on how they involve youth in their respective Biosphere Reserves
  • Use video and social media to document these findings.
  • Meet other young people from Europe and North America interested in taking action in their local Biosphere Reserve

Who can participate:

  • Young people between 18–27 years old
  • Living in or having close connection to a Biosphere Reserve or a local MAB National Committee

How to apply:

Costs – Youth Participants:

  • Travel costs to the event
  • Accommodation

Costs are expected to be covered by the institution nominating the youth participant. In cases of funding difficulties above mentioned costs will be covered by sponsors.

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