It is important to us to involve the BR and its inhabitants as much as possible in the conference. Furthermore, we want to try to combine theory and practice more closely. In order to achieve this, we would like to try a new workshop format: about half of the workshops will be organised as excursions connected to a regional example of implementation. The participants will be brought to a location where stakeholders will present and explain e.g. a “best-practice example” or even a problem that fits the workshop topic. For instance, discussion themes could be, e.g.

  • BR school programs / partner schools
  • various educational and visitor programs
  • University cooperation
  • Partnerships with regional producers
  • Tourism cooperations

Afterwards, the workshop will also be held on site. The timetable for a workshop could look something like this:

Workshop Outdoor

8.30 am: Bus transport to the workshop locations
9.30 am: Guided tour, presentation of a best-practice example (or a problem)
10.30 am: Workshops start
12.30 am: Lunch
1.30 pm: Workshops resume
4.30 pm: Arrival at the the hotel
6.30 or 7 pm: Event

Workshop Hotel

9.00 am: Workshops start
10.30 am: Coffee break
11.00 am: Workshops resume
12.30 am: Lunch
1.30 pm: Workshops resume
4.30 pm: Workshops end
6.30 or 7 pm: Event

We kindly ask you to decide in advance for a maximum of four workshops from the draft list of workshops below. These four workshops must then be indicated during the registration process. Also, when you register, we will ask you, if you would like to give a workshop presentation. Should anyone wish to serve as Session Chair, please contact the organizing team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) immediately. If someone has a suggestion for an additional workshop topic, please let us know as well!

List of planned workshops (draft workshop titles)

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