The EuroMAB Network includes all European and North-American member states which participate in UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme and its World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR). EuroMAB is the largest and oldest of the nine regional and inter-regional MAB Networks. It is made up of 36 countries, including Canada and the USA, and includes 302 biosphere reserves (BRs). Bringing together almost half of the total WNBR sites, the EuroMAB Network is a platform for sharing knowledge, know-how and experience of sustainable development, as well as a collective tool for supporting sustainable development practices among BR coordinators, scientists and MAB National Committees.

Since the first meeting in 1986 in České Budêjovice, Czech Republic, the MAB National Committees and BR coordinators of EuroMAB have met nearly every two years. EuroMAB conferences have been held in Minsk, Belarus (1997), Cambridge, UK (2000), Rome, Italy (2002), Hernstein, Austria (2005), Antalya, Turkey (2007), Stará Lesná, Slovakia (2009), Lundsbrunn, Sweden (2011), Brockeville, Canada (2013), Haapsalu, Estonia (2015), Sarlat-la-Canéda, France (2017) and Dublin, Ireland (2019).

EuroMAB meetings are dedicated to bringing together BR managers, coordinators, scientists and representatives of UNESCO's MAB Secretariat, MAB National Committees and partner institutions/associations. The meetings are not only excellent networking opportunities for European and North American BRs and those committed to the concept and spirit of the WNBR, but also perfect occasions to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable development around the world.

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